The process begins with a careful analysis of your site, and a conversation: What's your story? How do you use your space?  What landscapes do you admire?  Are you someone who likes to spend time tending to your plants, or do you want a garden that requires minimal maintenance? From all of these details, I’ll draw up some possibilities for you.

We’ll explore these possibilities together, and refine them based on your needs, wishes, and budget.  Once we’ve decided together on the story we want to tell, we’ll choose the materials, colors, and details.  I’ll create a complete set of drawings and source all the necessary elements (such as plants, stone, and furniture).

I can oversee the entire installation process for you, from hiring the contractors to placing the plants, or provide you with the drawings and instructions you'll need to install the design yourself.

To help your space thrive over many years, I’ll offer guidance on how best to maintain your garden, season to season. 

About pricing:  We'll agree on the design fee at the project’s start, so that it can be part of the budget.  After an initial meeting, I'll write up a proposal for the fee, based on my expected time commitment to each phase of the design and its scale and complexity.